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How to be a Member

A. Classes of Membership – Membership in the corporation shall be classified into Regular and Special, Individual and Group.

  1. Regular Membership is reserved for any individual or group who has, within five (5) years immediately preceding the date of admission, participated in an obstacle course racing event duly approved by the Executive Board, as a competitor or judge. On matters requiring the vote of the corporation’s Members, Regular Individual Members are entitled to one (1) vote, while Regular Group Members are entitled to five (5) votes, which may be applied cumulatively or otherwise.

  2. Special Membership may be granted to individuals or groups, who, not having participated in a duly approved obstacle course racing event within five (5) years immediately preceding the date of admission, but has shown support for the sport of obstacle course racing and are willing to pay the required membership dues. Special members are not entitled to vote on the corporation’s Constitution, policies, and other rules and regulations.

B. Application for Membership – Any individual or group who wishes to seek admission into the corporation shall submit the required application form and supporting documents, and pay the corresponding membership dues as determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall approve membership applications once a month, during its regularly scheduled meetings.

C. Retention of Regular Membership Status – Regular Membership shall be maintained by participating as a competitor or judge in at least one OCR event duly approved by the Executive Board every three hundred and sixty-five (365) days from the date of admission. Failure to participate in a duly approved OCR event during the prescribed period shall automatically result in the change of status from Regular to Special, provided that the Member pays the membership dues for Special Members.

D. Termination of Membership
– Membership may be terminated for the following causes:

  1. Non-payment of membership dues.

  2. Violation of the corporation’s by-laws.

  3. Flagrant violation of the rules of obstacle course racing, including violation of anti-doping laws

  4. Conviction of a crime punishable by law in the Philippines.

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